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Vosonic Cable OBD / Fuse Box For 24h Parking Monitoring Car Drive Recorder DVR, Length of 3m, With Micro USB / Mini USB Plug

Vosonic Cable OBD / Fuse Box For 24h Parking Monitoring Car Drive Recorder DVR, Length of 3m, With Micro USB / Mini USB Plug
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$ 14.96 in stock
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  • Fuse Box-Mini USB Plug
  • OBD-Micro USB Plug
  • OBD-Mini USB Plug
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  • Shipping Weight : 0.10kg
  • Net Weight : 0.10kg
  • Package Size : 20cm x 11cm x 3cm
  • What's in the box : Parking monitoring line (with low voltage protection)
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by , Tue Jan 30 10:27:05 CST 2018
5/ 5stars
by , Tue Jan 30 06:58:01 CST 2018
5/ 5stars
by , Sun Jan 28 21:25:27 CST 2018
5/ 5stars
by , Wed Jan 24 12:34:52 CST 2018
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by , Mon Jan 22 10:49:22 CST 2018
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线够长 安装方便
by , Sat Jan 20 09:39:08 CST 2018
5/ 5stars
by , Fri Jan 19 08:14:43 CST 2018
4/ 5stars
by , Thu Jan 18 10:29:53 CST 2018
5/ 5stars
by , Sun Jan 14 13:25:11 CST 2018
5/ 5stars
我为什么喜欢在京东买东西,因为今天买明天就可以送到。 我为什么每个商品的评价都一样,因为在京东买的东西太多太多了, 导致积累了很多未评价的订单,所以我统一用段话作为评价内容。 京东购物这么久,有买到很好的产品,也有买到比较坑的产品, 如果我用这段话来评价,说明这款产品没问题,至少88分以上
by , Sat Jan 13 18:31:48 CST 2018
5/ 5stars
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  • Q by 7***d Thu Dec 21 02:45:57 CST 2017

    what is this,can you get a link with english translation

    A Dear customer, this is Cable Length 3m accessories. Thank you

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