That's great! It's the second robot I'm ordering here. As in the first time delivery is extremely fast, the value is nice.

Color: White 04/12/2018 12:09

Great assistant! Give me a name. "Juorique.". Wife's excited, kids, too. They chased him all over the house))) to the holidays on a trip, he cleaned up and sent reports. Regular janitors still find dust. They say he's making it, and I'm starting to believe it. It's simple, there's a toothbrush tool kit. Even in Chinese, it's clear how to connect. Once a month, wipe the wet cloth.

Color: White 01/21/2019 13:46

Super fast delivery! I paid for Monday, got a Wednesday in the gossip. All packed well--empty, transport box, and a vacuum box in it. I've put my hum out of the sickle-a, a rudified plagin. Everything's fine, with zoning cleaning, don't you think? Yes, the pollen came with a 64% charge. JD-SUPER!

Color: White 08/23/2018 05:04

The package ordered from the Cardassians, went to the Karelia for a week. I turned it on, tied to mihome, no problem. There's an update of a program and a planigine with zonal cleaning. The programme displayed a matter whale and an English language, for merroring, it is necessary to deal with the sprouting of vacuum cleaners and the substitution of files on the phone, It's all booked on 4pda in the appropriate tags.

Color: White 06/29/2018 08:37

Nice vacuum cleaner. It's very helpful in agriculture.

Color: White 06/27/2019 00:01

Купил данное чудо техники через приложение и в восторге диком от него. Пыль сосет нормально, чистится легко. Битое стекло ( меньше 5 мм за 3 раза) собирает здорово. Поставил в дальний угол обычный пылик. Регистрировал на материковом Китае язык поставил английский, с русифицированием речи не парился т.к. все уведомления на iOS приходят на русском. 5+++ карту рисует нормально.

Цвет: Белый 05/30/2019 23:20

Nice vacuum cleaner. Long send-5 days. But fast delivery is 1 day to the pier. Was charged to 55%. I'll go to 4pda in Russian.

Color: White 05/22/2019 16:55

It's all right, he's chewing, he's gonna suck! Was charged to 35%.

Color: White 05/09/2019 22:06

Excellent assistant, quick delivery dpd, that's great.

Color: White 04/02/2019 08:12

All super, Mega's delivery fast, Friday night, ordered me on Tuesday afternoon. The item matches the description. The price is very happy.

Color: White 12/12/2018 02:07