Buy-happy, fancy sound, quality materials look expensive. I recommend it!

Color: Black 04/10/2019 03:03

Gostei muito do fone! Excelente!

Color: Black 05/16/2019 08:24

not less than 30 days deliver in saudiarabia. nice and cool looks, a big thumbs up, deep bass as i expected,

Color: Black 04/27/2019 18:17

Son realmente buenos, me sorprendieron si tienes qualcomm aptx lo vas a disfrutar mucho más sumamente conforme, lo malo todo las instrucciones en chino, nada en ingles, viene con cable para carga y para conección auxiliar

Color: Black 08/17/2018 05:01

Simply Amazing, thank you!

Color: White 06/07/2018 19:21

The top, all the whole, well-packed, really, a little "nice" (at least a head and a small one), well, it's a fire.

Color: Black 07/12/2019 05:25

excellent headphones as always fast dispatch

Color: Black 11/16/2018 00:29

Delivery to HMAO for about 20 days. The box's whole, but the edges are a little deformed. Factory packing, patented cellophane. There's no such thing as delivery. The Ushs are purchased about 3,500 r. The stuff itself doesn't impress--it's low in the bowl, but there's a lot of them, the middle of it, the top's tight. The more the axe is discharged, the lower the volume. There's a slight noise in the spiders. For those money, normal ears for sausage, there's a bit.

Colour: W830BT white 03/01/2018 23:30

Without the equalizer, you can only listen to the Bluetooth. Bass water's loading it all up. He doesn't really wake up, sound like a barrel. The left side squeaks when I move my jaw, personally, I always use the equator. He set the 32nd stripe on the nooth and the sound was great. It's good that speakers can go to the bass. I pulled it down to 20gz.

Color: Black 04/14/2019 21:56

The transport will be available very soon the next day at noon. It's very nice looking.

Color: White 06/28/2018 12:15