03/23/2019 01:47

Great 👌🏻

01/13/2019 04:33

JD is always the best! Super fast delivery! 03.12.2018 paid for, and already 21.12 2018, he took the mail! It's my second brush, the first served for over five years, but there was a NiMh battery, and the charge was barely grasping for one cleaning. That toothbrush with the new LiIon accumulator is completely different technology! I recommend buying everything. There's three heads coming up with a toothbrush, a charger stand with a Chinese fork and a car seat on the glass or a smartphone holder.

12/21/2018 22:11

Original toothbrush. It's all right. 3 nozzles in the package are all different. I'd advise you.

08/01/2018 21:57

An easy-to-go set for the Chinese market, with no case of charging. A set of 3 nozzles, charger, stand-up and charging, fixing for a phone in the mirror. The charging plug-type A, it's working. Bluetooth is connected. Instruction in Chinese and English. It was quick, with a track number (although it was only tracked by the Russian Federation), packed neatly. Chicken 20.04.2018 for 5700r.

05/19/2018 04:07

All right, original box, put in one box, left without damage. I'm happy with that. A set of 3 no,zzles, charging, stand-up and charging, fixing for the phone in the mirror. The chuck is made in Germany for the Chinese market, That's why I've got that plug in the bathroom cabinet, but I've got an outlet in the bathroom in my locker, That's why there's no problem. The Russian app works, the phone's taping to the toothbrush without problems. I'd advise that salesman.

12/28/2017 15:52

Nice brush, I've been screaming for years 3-4. This brush works on the plate of the old cheeks, what's convenient (don't need a smartphone to see how many minutes you clean).

11/30/2017 23:51

Great product, looks original and works for 4 month with no issues or problems

05/15/2019 14:17


05/14/2019 23:08

seems legit

05/03/2019 18:35