Great product. It is the real and original model, only made in China instead of Germany. Some people wrote that they didn't get the portable stick house charger, but it is not in the description, so just read better. All functionalities are working for me and I'm very pleased for now.

07/16/2019 07:00

seems like a great product. works well and very good price <:

04/11/2019 22:57

Fast delivery, Quality packaging, Thank you very much. :P <3

01/10/2019 19:39
Updated reviews

after i tried to use other functions Only 3 functions work 1. Sensitive 2. Gum Care (Also referred to as Massage) 3 Tongue Cleaner 3 functions not working Pro Clean (Previous Deep Clean) , Daily Clean, Whitening Do not connect to Bluetooth connection Bluetooth connection does not work very disappointed!!

02/05/2019 18:36

I ordered two packages but I got only one. What can I do?

12/28/2018 15:28

Hello. Thank you i got my oralb ibrush. But i notice that is a missing pocket charger that appear part number 2 in the picture attached to this replay. I'll be glad to send to me the part. Thank you.

05/14/2018 17:17

I got it fast. Two weeks and a raven. quality is excellent. I advise the goods and the seller.

07/06/2018 14:57

Great brush, we use RAL-B toothbrushes for years. That's very convenient, don't need a phone.

02/16/2018 16:21


07/21/2019 05:43

working great

07/03/2019 17:28

arrived on time

06/18/2019 20:15