Very good quality. Batteries included in my case.

Color: white 01/15/2019 16:29

Great!!! Thanks!!!

Color: white 01/09/2019 17:10

I've been buying for a baby. temperature is accurate, all within acceptable ranges. I recommend it all.

Material: Default Colour: Default 11/23/2018 17:24

A very good thermometer. Very neat and solidly made. It has a large display. Very accurate. Especially useful for parents of small children. It measures the temperature quickly and accurately. I highly recommend !!!

Material: Default Colour: Default 10/21/2018 17:30

Rewelacyjny termometr, moje testy wykazaly powtarzalnosc i dokładnosc pomiarow Ciekawy, godny uwagi i dobrze wykonany produkt. Bardzo dobry stosunek jakosci do ceny, polecam wszystkim.

Material: Default Colour: Default 07/18/2018 02:23

Everything works perfect. I recommend.

Material: Default Colour: Default 07/14/2018 21:48

Quickly reached the beralarosi. It's very packed. 100% original. Works well as expected. Oh, thank you.

Color: white 02/09/2019 15:43

Good thermometer! Offline is a lot more expensive.

Color: white 01/25/2019 23:31

It's been a month, it's pretty fast. The box is a bit wrinkled, but it works. Who's got an irreplaceable baby? I recommend it.

Color: white 01/19/2019 22:42

It's a good thing, especially if there's a little kid who doesn't want to sit long with a thermometer. But the accuracy of measurement is relative. At different points of the forehead, the readings may differ by 0.3 degrees. Yes, and with the testimony of the old good mercury thermometer, it's not always the same. So it's more useful as an indicator. "there is or no temperature". There's a sealed battery, there's a battery. Chinese Statement

Color: white 01/15/2019 19:57