666 Ah, convenient, quick, ready for use.

06/28/2018 20:31

Mobile phone residue pixel, display effect is good, in order to use ps4 and pc together, also bought a dp line, big screen really cool........................................................................

06/28/2018 10:34

I bought it for my friend, but the friend said it was great. It was much clearer than the original 19-inch screen. After all, the 2 K screen, all the aspects were very fine, the color treatment was in place, the friends were satisfied!

06/27/2018 17:15

You got a penny. It's a lot of bad. It's fine.

06/27/2018 16:14

Good shape, no bad spot, but 2k resolution many devices can't match, didn't expect!

06/27/2018 08:27

It's worth it. This price is at 2k, comfortable.

06/26/2018 22:55

This user does not fill in the evaluation contents

06/24/2018 14:57

Large screen displays, the color of the eupie is very positive, formerly used is the first batch of liquid crystal displays, the debugging of the eupie is not a problem, the display screen is adjusted well, the quality is still, the large screen use is good.

06/24/2018 11:57
Updated reviews

Brand displays, the use effect is good, the big screen has many advantages, does not splash screen, use the eye is not tired.

06/24/2018 11:57

I'm just starting to use it. It's all right now. Let's do it later.

06/23/2018 21:30

It's large, the appearance is beautiful, the direct 2k resolution, the installation is also very convenient, Master Lu has detected that there is no bad spot, a little light leak, but it is OK, don't see at the time of lighting, want to be able to use a long time, a little tired, the screen is a little too big, only 59 Hz, a little regret,

06/23/2018 19:43