It looks good. It's the back that's too anti-human. It's a little uncomfortable hanging around the neck.

06/20/2018 22:14

Sure enough, I don't like the ear-ear headphones, but the legal beauty!

06/19/2018 18:13

Overall, it is very convenient to use NFC back to back for two seconds to connect to the sound quality. Generally, the workmanship is a little rough and a little dissatisfied with Vietnam's production.

06/12/2018 18:23
Updated reviews

The headset is good, the sound quality is good, the Bluetooth link is very stable and the delay is not long enough

06/12/2018 18:23

Watermelon is very nice and likes to try it. The normal sound quality emmm is not required, so it doesn't pay much attention to timbre.

06/07/2018 11:24

Soon after receiving the goods, we have always trusted the quality of Sony's music, enjoying the music

06/01/2018 20:05

Someone who helps others to buy.

06/01/2018 11:41

Nice, fine, beautiful, good timbre. It's good for this price.

05/18/2018 08:54

the sound quality is good, the function of each of the function keys is marked, very clear, the function keys know, the color and the shape are the same as those on the picture,

05/12/2018 19:30

It's really good-looking. Sony's law is really good. It's recommended that you buy it.

05/08/2018 19:48

Great headphones, Sony Dafa, very nice and light, the sound quality I don't know, listen to a sound inside the 100 million.

05/07/2018 13:18