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Bardzo dobry, solidny obcinacz do paznokci. Polecam

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Great item for the money! Good quality steel and useful construction.

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Sharp, happy to purchase

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Today received this ítem in very good condition

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The order to min-water was 21 days. The biters are good, the track hasn't been traceable.

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Updated reviews

I forgot to write, buying a 61rub.

Category: Default Color: Default 03/28/2019 19:15

Quality and easy-to-use bites, they're having a great haircut.

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I'm taking the second, and you've come to the mosquito fast enough.

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A good tool. You can quickly clear 1.5 mm ^ 2 cable with a monofacial cable. Cover the grip of a slightly sloppy plastic. The tip can be scrolled.

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They're very good boards. They'll be fine. I don't know how much it takes, but as long as the new stars are 5 stars! Thank you, thank you. And with a new year!

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