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telephone is excellent, order from 21.08 to 09.09. I've moved off the site. Everything's fine, I recommend!

Color: Star fog blue RAM: 8GB 256GB 09/10/2019 15:30

I ordered 25.07 (arrived at 15.08, exactly three weeks), a request for passport data had not been received for a long time, and I wrote in support jd, they said they'd ask the dpd service to send it over again. The text came from a request 29.07 (4 days), at the Customs premise of 10.08 (16 days after the order). 11.08 raised the customs bill (1700 out), paid for it. 13.08 It came from dpd "deliver 14.08" and then moved to the 15th. He brought the courier home, called an hour before he arrived. It's all packed properly, inside the vacuum polyethylene, the box with the phone is not marked, sealed. The phone itself went to me in 40800, in the end with $42500, which is cheaper than ali or gossip, and if you take into account the Nesbeck, it's even smaller. There's no point in writing about the phone, everything already knows it, and I'll just add that blue color in life is a bomb. The only minus: until the arrival in the racket, the package isn't traceable. I suggest you buy it.

Color: Star fog blue RAM: 8GB 256GB 08/15/2019 21:32

I'm writing feedback about the sunset, it's all right, like, in the description of the hydrant proffit, oxygenated through the official site in 10 minutes. As of 5, the box was all broken, the phone's fine. Thank you so much! Oh, my God! But the delivery service dpd is something from the moment he got the number waiting for a package of three days, every day something new, the courier's not picking up, the car's stuck, the stars don't get in the sky. Shorter from Thursday, I was waiting on Sunday for lunch. Yes, the customs fee was paid by 1568 roubles. In addition, the machine itself was 41185roub. Here, I think it was a mistake to write to the seller so that the amount wasn't full, at least $100 below. I don't think I'm gonna be here for the first time.

Color: Star fog blue RAM: 8GB 256GB 08/05/2019 17:31

All the rules. I just haven't opened the package yet.

Color: Star fog blue RAM: 8GB 256GB 08/04/2019 17:46

My order for jd was issued on 19 July (photo 1), on 20 July, a request for passport data from dpd (photo 2) and until 3 July no information was available and status was not changed anywhere, in correspondence jd first promised that it would arrive on 2 July in the Minsk, then reported that it was on the 3rd of July, but the status was changed only on 4 July on the dpd link and the combination of "registration number-1-1-", then the Russian track appeared on the 5th of July, and the same Russian track was reported to me by the seller (jd))) since then the status up to the 8th was held at the Moscow Customs office on the dpd site. On 7 July, a request was made for payment from the Customs office, paid almost immediately from the receipt of the receipt, the fee, the fee commission and the payment system board finally amounted to 1575.74 rouble (foto 3), and the purchase cost was 43365.96 roubles for the 8/256 version. On 8 July, the delivery status to dpd changed to be ready for shipment and by the evening of the same day that the order was delivered. He finally took 10 July, as promised. It wasn't opened in the factory. Hydrogen dryer (can be included in English during boot), followed by a link in the bottom of the phone from below to jd. Threw the sip of the dryer at the root of the wire on the wire, entered the system--update-manual update, after the reset to factory installations. Everything works fine. The first sensations are big after 6t, but this shortcoming is offset by the other virtues of the phone. I think it's very cool and looks like a premium and works perfectly, even after 6t feels like it's flying.

Color: Rock ash RAM: 8GB 256GB 07/11/2019 14:27

Five stars!

Color: Star fog blue RAM: 12GB 256GB 01/23/2020 04:59

Everything is fine except for one - delivery

Color: Star fog blue RAM: 8GB 256GB 12/28/2019 20:11

Все просто отлично! Заказывал первый раз,изучал отзывы,сомневался...Но! Решился заказать здесь, (коллекция JD ) интересовал не распакованный для перепрошивки (как на Али) аппарат по нормальной цене, естественно до 500 евро.. И вот 10.11.19 вечером, баланс карты уменьшился на сумму стоимости смартфона.Утром 12.11 получил запрос паспорт.данных для таможенного оформления от службы доставщика DPD, уже позитив,прям с утра.Самое интересное - настроился на долгое ожидание,естественно начитавшись отзывов на разных ресурсах.Еще смутное чувство терзало что зря наверное расплатился мастер картой напрямую,без посредничества PayP, ибо перспективы возврата капитала судя по множествам рассказанных историй в интернете с не получением товара,оставляли желать лучшего... Просто позарился на скидочный купон срок которого истекал,из под палки расплатиться не получалось,хотя зарегистрирован у них долгое время назад,делал покупки на ebay.В общем сайт pp не проводил платеж,требуя доп.авторизации,подтверждения и т.д. что растянулось бы не на один день.Естественно делать так советовать не буду, хотя дело доверия, доп.гарантия не помешает. И так,кому еще интересно,где-то через неделю дали трек вида RU02590...., 24.11 смс от DPD заказ принят у JD ,ждать инф. о доставке. На след.день,25.11 звонок от оператора с вопросом удобного времени доставки до двери в этот(!) же день или завтра.Решил не испытывать судьбу дальше,заехал и забрал сам вечером,благо был рядом,да на машине.В итоге: всего 15 дней ожидания,( Санкт -Петербург) не смотря на ажиотаж распродажи 11.11. Гаджет запечатан в заводскую пленку,на внешней картонной коробке посылки стикеры,на одном указана реальная цена (со скидками,именно та что ушла с карты) в долл.сша. Уложился в беспошлинный ввоз.Упаковано норм.,есть амортизирующий пакетик с "китайским воздухом".Телефон исправен и великолепен! Перепрошился по "воздуху" с оф.сайта на Oxygen Os. Слава ВанПласу! Спасибо JD!

память RAM: 6 ГБ 128 ГБ Цвет: Каменная зола 12/04/2019 04:26

It's all right.

Color: Rock ash RAM: 6GB 128GB 10/25/2019 06:10

It's a great machine, it's worth the money!

Color: Star fog blue RAM: 8GB 256GB 10/22/2019 02:37