For a price of 116 roubles, what do you want? ())) * I've bought this miracle. "I'll give it to you." That's what I'm saying * Order 2018.12.10 and received 2019,01.09 (30 days). * Trick's frozen in China and hasn't been updated anymore. * Russia's mail has not been turned upside down and sent a package to the mailbox with other mail))) T. (Signed) (Signed) I haven't seen a track. * The smell was all good. Packets aren't dormant. The battery was gray. I bought a new battery for 15 rubles (116 + 15 = 131), inserted in the watch they went, Close the back cover. There's a nuance when the cover is installed: need to be clearly installed above the configuration bolts, Or you'll just clamp him up and he can't turn around. P. S. looks stylish, glass (or whatever) quickly marches, metal (or whatever) scratches hard. But you know it's all about 113 roubles. Of course you're not, but for example, it's not a pity for a child.

Color: Men 01/09/2019 20:09