We're not coming. They're tight, even for my little head. The lenses are big for me. The quality of the rules, the plastic is almost flat, petty misdemeanours on the inner side. It's not the same, but it can be ruled by itself.

Lens Color: Bright black gray 05/10/2019 18:26

Everything's fine. recommend

Lens Color: Dark green 05/08/2019 22:35

Nice glasses. Light, you don't notice when you're in the debt.

Lens Color: Grey 04/22/2019 15:53

It's really good glasses, with the black linens covered by the soft cover, there's polarization, it's done qualitatively. It's not cheap. The size of the big points!

Lens Color: Grey 04/16/2019 01:59

Good quality. Packed securely. It's a long-term delivery. No case (coffra). On a narrow/ female/ child face. Fun (his absence) filming the ball.

Lens Color: Bright black gray 05/08/2019 20:10

Дужки короткие. Для большой башки не очень подходит. Пластик нормальный. Оставлю для ребёнка.

Цвет линз очков: Яркий черный серый 06/02/2019 16:54

I didn't get it.

Lens Color: Bright black gray 07/17/2019 06:58

The package was not delivered, the seller did not extend the time of protection of the package. It's bad. Money's lost. Service is so self. Do not make the delivery of the goods without trace. package sent CN,Arrive at destination country post office 2019-4-8 07:00:00 CN,Arrive at destination airport 2019-4-7 07:00:00 CN,Departure from airport 2019-4-5 15:00:00 CN,In Transit 2019-4-4 19:00:00 Despatched from sorting center. 2019-4-4 03:22:00

Lens Color: tea 06/05/2019 23:14