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[Joybuy Collection - Books] Buy $29 Free Shipping Policy

1. Applicable products includes and only includes books from Joybuy Collection;

2. Buy $29 Free Shipping Policy is only applicable to specific delivery options;

3. When the total amount of Joybuy Collection books purchased is more than $29 (include $29, shipping cost excluded), the order of Joybuy Collection books will apply free shipping policy. The other products (non Joybuy c products) will be charged separately;

4. If the order cancellation or return of goods which is due to customer reasons, lead to the total amount of Joybuy Collection Books purchased is less than $29, customers have to bear the shipping cost of having generated and being returned;

5. All the information, including all mails sent by Joybuy, and its promotion/price/delivery/return policies provided during promotion,is subject to the information displayed on

Not Applicable Scenarios for Buy $29 Free Shipping Policy

1. If the items you purchased are non-Joybuy Collection Books;

2. If you chose other shipping options which are not appointed in Buy $29 Free Shipping Policy.

1. How are customs duties and import taxes handled ?

All cross-border shipments are to pass through the customs clearance. The customer is responsible for all customs duties and import taxes. Customs duties and taxes vary in different countries.

The usual tariffs are approximately US $200 in the USA, and 22 Euros in Europe. The tariffs may vary depending on the items purchased.

2. After I place an order, when will the seller ship my item ?

Your order will be shipped within 7 days after payment. Once your item is shipped, we will send you the tracking number and the shipping confirmation. You can track your package from the order details page.

3. What should I do if the seller doesn't ship my item on time?

If the seller doesn't ship your item on time, you can cancel the order. You can also contact the seller to determine the exact shipping time. If you deem the shipping time acceptable, the order will remain effective. If you deem the shipping time unacceptable, you can cancel the order.

4. How can I track my item ?

You can track your item from the order details. You can also track it from the third party shipping company's website.

5. What if I don't receive my item on time ?

We recommend first to check the shipment status of your item. If the item wasn't delivered by the promised delivery date, you may contact our customer service for a refund. At present, our commitment is that in all countries and regions, items must be delivered to the customers within 60 days of shipping. If the seller promises a shorter shipping time on the product page, the seller's promise overrides ours. If there is a problem with the item during transit, you can contact our customer service.

6. How long does it take for my order to be delivered ?

Delivery time may vary due to the customs laws of different countries, logistic arrangements, weather, and seasonal holidays. Usually, carrier services are faster than the postal service but may also be more expensive. If you have stricter time requirements and the seller offers various shipping services, we recommend that you choose a carrier service.

7. Can I cancel an order at any time?

You may cancel an order any time before the item is delivered to the international shipping carrier. Due to unpredictable nature of international shipping, once an item is handed over to a shipping carrier, it's difficult for us to intercept it. Moreover, international shipping is expensive and involves many customs fees. Therefore, we recommend you not to cancel the order after we deliver an item to the carrier. Otherwise, you'll need to pay round-trip shipping fees on the item and possibly customs duties and fees.

8. What if my item is subject to customs duties and VATs when it enters my country ?

If your item incurs customs duties or VATs when it enters your country, you should pay them unless the seller has indicated that they will pay them. If your refusal to cooperate with the customs clearance or refusal to pay customs duties leads to an item not being delivered, you are responsible for paying the round-trip shipping costs and customs duties. If you request are fund, we will deduct the above-mentioned fees from your refund.

9. How do I pay VATs ?

The payment method may vary for different countries, regions, and logistics arrangements. Usually, shipping companies, such as UPS, DHL, or FedEx, will let you pay cash on delivery or pay the local customs directly usingthe tax number. The postal service may issue an official customs link for you to pay online or require you to pay in person at your local post office. If you have any questions, you can contact our customer service.

Note: In some countries and regions, the logistics association will pay the customs duties or VATs in advance and then charge you when your item is delivered. If you refuse to pay custom duties, we won't be able to exempt you from the tax, and you'll need to pay the round-trip shipping fees.

10. How can I check customs duties and VATs in advance ?

Since different countries and regions have different shipping rates and taxes for different products, you need to check the current destination country's tax rate on the local custom website.

11. If my order detained by customs, who is responsible for clearance ?

If the items are detained by Customs after the shipment has left China, the buyer is responsible for clearance of the detained items.

12. What if my order arrives damaged ?

Situation 1: Both the item's outer packaging and the item itself are damaged.

In this situation, we recommend you refuse the item on the spot. Alternatively, with permission from the shipping company, you can examine the package and item on the spot and sign for it or refuse the item accordingly.

Situation 2: The item's outer packaging is damaged, and after signing for it you discover that the item itself is damaged too.

Although we buy shipping insurance for all purchased items, once the customer signs for an item, it's difficult to file a claim with shipping carriers and insurance companies. We will carefully evaluate the incident, for example, by examining surveillance video of the packaging process, and checking whether the item was in good condition when it was shipped and whether the packaging was up to standard, and then handle the situation accordingly. In any case, be sure to contact our customer service within 3 days after you receive the item in order to open a case.

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