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1. What kinds of coupons are available on ?

There are currently two kinds of coupons available : platform coupons and merchant coupons.

l  Platform coupons are coupons from / that you can use according to the specified terms and conditions to get a discount. Please pay attention to the validity period and terms of the coupon.

l  Merchant coupons are coupons offered by a pop merchant. When you get a merchant coupon, you can use it only for purchasesat the merchant store.

2. How do I get a coupon ?

l  When a promotion is being held, you can see the coupons offered on the promotion page. Just click on the coupon to claim it and please make sure to use it during the validity period.

l  Coupon information is displayed below the item price in item pages. You can simply click on the coupon to claim it.

3. Why can't I get a coupon ?

l   The time limit for getting the coupon may have elapsed;

l   There may be only a limited number of coupons offered;

l  Please go to "My Coupons" to see whether you have successfully claimed a coupon. Sometimes the system cache prevents the display of coupons you have already successfully claimed.

4. How do I use my coupon ?

Aftersuccessfully claiming your coupon, you can use it by clicking on it before making payment. Generally, coupons cannot be stacked.

5. Why can't I use a coupon ?

l  If you are trying to use amerchant coupon, you can only apply it to items from the merchant store that issued the coupon.

l  Check whether the coupon has expired. Please check your coupon information in "My Coupons". If the coupon has expired or has already been used, the coupon can not be used anymore.

l  Has the total value of your purchase reached the minimum amount required by the coupon?

For example, if the coupon requires a minimum purchase of $100 and your order is only $80, the coupon cannot be used.

l  Please check the terms and conditions for coupons. Some coupons can only be used for certain categories.

l Your coupon may no longer bevalid. Please check the coupon's terms and conditions to ensure that you are using the coupon within its validity period.

6. If I cancel the order, does the refund include the coupon's discounted amount ?

If you cancelan order, the refund amount will be based on the amount you paid.

7. If I cancel an order, will the coupon be returned to me ?

For cancellations due to personal reasons, coupons will not be returned. If your order was canceled due to official reasons, the coupon will be returned. For more information about coupons, please contact our customer service center at contact@jd.сom.

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