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1. How can I find items ?

l  In the search box, enter the name or features of the item you are searching for, such as brand, model number, etc.

l  You can also search for items by category from the homepage.

l  You can narrow down your selection using filters.

2. How can I find high-quality items ?

l  You can click on the Joy Collection and browse through our catalog of high-quality items.

l  You can find high-quality items based on user reviews.

3. What should I do if I have questions about an item ?

l  You can find details about an item from the Item description tab.

l  If you have further questions, you can click on Have a question ? in the lower right of the item name of item pages / Есть вопросы logo, please click on Comments to get more item details.

l  You can obtain more details about items from user feedback and the Q&A tab.

l  You can send a message to the seller with your questions about item details.

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