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Address:Suite 1203, 12/F Ruttonjee House,11Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong.

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If you are interested in speaking to someone at, please contact Josh Gartner via email ( or by phone at +86-10-8911-6155.

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We look forward to assisting you with any of your shopping queries. If you can't find your expected answers here, our Customer Service Team will be available. Our working hours are from 21:00 Sunday to 6:00 Friday (EST time), during which, we will endeavor to respond to your email within 24 hours.

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The Guideline to the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) System

What is IPR Protection?

JD respects and promises to protect your Intellectual Property Rights.

If you find that the goods, services or the information thereof on the website of infringes upon your right on the patent, trademark or copyright, you may register and login in and file a complaint according to “Rules to dealing with the complaint” to protect your rights. For the rules aforesaid, you may view “Rules and Regulations” under the menu “Help” of the IPR system.

How to deal with a complaint for the Respondent?

When you receive an IPR complaint against you, you may take the measures as below:     1. If there is indeed an infringement, please immediately take down the goods, delete the infringing information, break the links or take all the other necessary measures to stop the infringement and promise that you will not sell the goods, display the information or carry out the infringement in any other form;     2.  If you insist that there is no infringement, please file a response.

How to file a complaint?

You shall firstly register on  and then supplement your information. When your supplemented information is allowed to pass, you will receive a confirmation email by your registered email. Then you could use your email and password to login in and click “to file a complaint” to safeguard your right. Please note that if your supplemented information does not meet the requirements, you will receive an email to request you to supplement the materials. Only when your supplemented materials have been allowed to pass can you file a complaint.

How to respond to a complaint for the Respondent?

After you login in, you may click “to respond’ to debut against the complaint filed by others. You shall fill in with the information and upload the materials as required. As to the materials and the procedures for the response, you may refer to “Rules relating to the Response”. As to the rules aforesaid, you may view “Rules and Regulations” under the menu “Help” of the IPR system.

How to view the result of the complaint?

You may use your email and password to login in and view the status and result of the complaint.

How to view the result of the response?

You may use your email and password to login in and view the status and result of the response.

How long is the complaint period review time?

If your complaint is in accordance with our rules, it will be examined and dealt with within 10 working days.

Punishment for an IPR infringement?

As to the points deduction rules based on the IPR infringement, please refer to “Integral Management Rules for the vendors on the platform of”.

How to withdraw a complaint?

If you wish to withdraw a complaint please click “withdraw” after logging in at

How long do I have to file a response?

You shall file all materials to support your response within 2 working days from the receipt of the complaint filed by others. Otherwise, your response will not be accepted.





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