Yoelbaer Solar-Powered Tire Pressure Monitor, External monitor YB-68

Yoelbaer Solar-Powered Tire Pressure Monitor, External monitor YB-68

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Simple installation
Real-time monitoring
Solar charging
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About the Product


  • Shipping Weight : 0.256 kg
  • Net Weight : 0.256kg
  • Package Size : 21.2cm x 15.7cm x 6.1cm
  • What's in the box : Displayx1 Sensorx4 Tamper Ringx4 Wrenchx1
Basic Information
  • Color : YB-69 Built-in monitor , YB-68 External monitor




Buying a colleague, he's happy, it works, it's all set up if the wheels are not the ones. all using the rear method)

It's working! It's clear!

Works even at -35 Celsius. That's a great deal. I recommend buying.


It's all right, it's working!


The package came quickly. They've got no problems in the tires. It's all connected, intuitive. Only had to deal with the transfer of hieroglyphs (marking on the sensors themselves, where left, Where the rear). Well, I helped translate the photos. It works fine. It's a very comfortable thing. Especially on the track. You feel confident when you see the pressure and the temperature of the wheels.


A working device... But not as fast as expected. It didn't work at first, didn't set the pressure and temperature. We'll have to wait longer and work. It goes off too long, says it'll be ten minutes. Yeah, he's falling asleep!

Pressure data is reset! Not often, but drops the data! May I bet it's with the seller?

It's all working. I bet it was.


Everything works fine. There's a picture in the instruction that you can see which sensor is where to put it anywhere. The front wheels are stronger and the pressure on 0.1 has increased during traffic. I'm happy to buy it.

the product looks nice but I do not know how to operate it since the orders are in Chinese...


The order was delivered quickly, through Dutch mail, in the course of the track. In quality, only the glyphs are on the sensors. Therefore, the sensors are installed according to the picture from the description on the site. And the sun is charged, installed and configured automatically when opening the door and disables itself. All the sensors were initially caught not immediately, then there were no problems, the accuracy of the sensors was not verified, but it's about the right thing.


Hello. Oh, thank you. It's fast and it's working. I set up a science project.


Bonjour, Pouvez vous m'envoyer la notice en anglais ou française? J'ai reçu le produit avec la notice chinoise. Merci

Dear customer, if you have placed an order, please provide your order number. We will send the relevant English manual to your corresponding email address.Thank you for your understanding and support.Have a nice day.


Не подключаются датчики! Что делать? Как проверить?

Добрый день! Уважаемый клиент! ~o~ Очень извиняемся за доставленные неудобства! Если у вас есть какие-вопросы с заказом, просим обращаться к нашему он-лайн обслуживанию клиентов за помощью)


i recieve the product but didnt install it yet ,when i turn on the monitor its show me 2 lines in every place that should be the tire pressure, its seems that its not recognize the sensors is it ok?

Dear customer, questions about orders, do not hesitate to contact our customer support at the contact@jd***m, we will solve your problem quickly. Thanks for the support  :-) 


just got it , how do i turn it on?

Dear customer, before installing the sensor, please turn the receiver on, in order to facilitate the installation of the sensor and send it to the receiver immediately. 1. Please prepare the sensor and anti-theft nut corresponding to the tire; 2. Turn the hex nut clockwise; 3. According to the sensor housing position indicator, screw the sensor into the corresponding tire position and tighten it. 4. Use a nut wrench to reversely tighten the hex nut to ensure that it is close to the sensor, and use air bubbles to check whether the installation position is leaking.


Hello! Is it possible to order 1 built-in sensor separately? If so, what will be the cost?

hello, dear buyer, wer're afraid not. this article is sold by set. hope for warm understanding. thanks a lot for support JD :)

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