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Roborock S50/Xiaomi 2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Automatic Sweeping and Mopping/Chinese version/US plug

Roborock S50/Xiaomi 2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Automatic Sweeping and Mopping/Chinese version/US plug

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√ Protective bumpers to soften the touch
√ LDS Omnidirectional Laser Rangefinders
√ Dual electronic compass
√ Interruption of work at separation from the floor
√ Self charging sensor
√ Drop sensor
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About the Product


  • Shipping Weight : 5.7 kg
  • Net Weight : 3.5kg
  • Package Size : 35.3cm x 35.3cm x 9.65cm
  • What's in the box : Sweeping robotx1
Function information
  • Installation : Robot / Smart Type
  • Language : English,Chinese
  • Version : Chinese Version
Function information
  • Cleaning Path : Planned
Power Information
  • Battery Life : 2-3 hours
General Information
  • Model : S50
  • Country of Origin : Shenzhen
  • Date of Release : 2017
Function information
  • Noise Level (db) : 62
  • Dust Capacity : 0.48
  • Tank Volume : 0.14
  • Detection Mode : LDS laser navigation
  • Function : App Control
  • Net Weight : 3.5
  • Size : 353*350*96.5
Power Information
  • Voltage : 14.4
  • Power Rating : 58
  • Charging Time : 3-4 hours
  • Continuous Usage Time : 2.5 hours
  • Battery Type : 5200mAh lithium battery
  • Charging Type : Automatic recharge




That's a great thing. For those cat houses, it's just a gift! It's also possible in mode, remote DU, chasing moxin (photo). You can map room maps precisely, and you can specify where you can't go anywhere on your map. The carpet with a long wormhole (photo) clears it, goes to it and moves easily. The management of a comfortable, water container and a rag can easily be removed, the filter can be washed under the water jet. Contains additional rags, filter, and valve pressurized valve. The first day collected the floor of the wool and dust container, the day before that wet cleaning. It's probably under the bed, it's hard to get out there. In wet-latch mode, the water container is docked, limited to areas where the carpet and the carpets have been stolen. The entrance area's better off on the map, too, so you don't smudge the dirt from the shoes. The chick in front of the janitor needs to be cleaned up in advance. The dream came true, and now you don't need to spend every night behind the cat fur coats. Russian has given instructions from the 4pda forum. At first, you bet, leather bastards, have fun. Wife, of course, didn't appreciate it. I put Aliss's voice down. Delivery to Chelyabinsk oblast for 10 days, although Chelyabinsk himself arrived in 3 days, long as the courier was appointed. We got to the apartment.

If you buy without the https:// letyfloors. com/ r/ jd-3m2c36w7syo08g

Te Lin

Nice vacuum cleaner. There's always been some preconceived notions about robots, now it's changed dramatically. Traditionally, we do in the apartment cleaning once a week, on Saturdays, In addition, the dust and wool were removed once during the weekdays (there was a British cat in the apartment). vacuum cleaner was used with a meth dust collector, always thought it was very good cleaning dust. But the experience of using the robot has shown that this is not the case, Now we use an old vacuum cleaner, very rarely. Every day a robot returns to a recharging station with a & lavatory dust collection; a & raquo; hair. cat fur and dust (in the latter photo). The wet latch mode works perfectly, the moist rag cleans the stains on the laminate, And the dust settles. software without problem solves on iPhone x, the robot connected to wifi without problems. You can run a zone-based cleanup on a mapped map program (photo). Well, we're very pleased with the purchase of the robot.


It's a great vacuum cleaner! Thank you so much for getting straight into your hands for 10 days after payment! 2 pcs, Eurofork cord, 2 pcs filter, 4 dissipation for water. I ran the experiment on the whole apartment and vacuumed manually yesterday, let the robot go today, To my surprise, the robot collected almost complete dust. The vacuum cleaner at 5 + was the only thing that built that the water for the whole apartment didn't have the vacuum wardrobe, The kitchen, the bathroom and the bathroom are dry. Concluded that the container with water is about 70 m short. The purchase is very happy, thanks to the producers for such a miracle!


I liked the vacuum cleaner. bought for my wife as a birthday present. She's very happy, produces a vacuum cleaner, goes to a rug without problems. I will add my comment later


Super fast delivery, great product quality! Works great, misses no corner or spot, never gets stuck behind wires\other obstacles and under furniture. Crosses thresholds and climbs carpets. Quiet enough, cleans great. It's worth every dollar spent! =)


He cleared out all my expectations, great dust, completely satisfied with the purchase. The seller's community, track's tracking.


Good product! fast delivery!

A very good Roboc.


I've got a cool xia now. I came five days to the city. The cat's very interested in the robot to watch. Cleans up good, even super. As long as our expectations have been fulfilled.


Super vacuum cleaner! I order the second))), the only thing I've ever ordered from a European socket, They sent me with a European retailer (which was last on top of the box and he cracked it. I'm sorry.


I am very interested in this product but can I buy this with the same price for the international version? My friend bought a China version and can’t use it in the United States. I am in US now.

Dear customer, hello! Thank you for your support of JD.Only the Russian state has an international version.Thank you!


Добрый день. В чём суть ваших акций с купонами? Если вы даёте купоны и тут де повышаете цену? Вас всегда хвалят за низкие цены и если вы хотите переплюнуть али в их 9летие, то нужно стремится к этому

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Добрый день! Сколько месяцев гарантии Вы предоставляете на данный товар? С уважением!

Уважаемый клиент.Небольшие бытовые электроприборы, такие как подметальные роботы, при наличии проблем с качеством в течение 30 дней могут быть возвращены, а обслуживание гарантировано в течение 180 дней.Спасибо за поддержку.


Цена указана 369$, а по факту 500$...

Уважаемый клиент, здравствуйте. Мы уже просмотрели страницу. Страница показывает, что цена товара теперь 380 долларов ,вы можете попробовать еще раз :-)


Когда на товар будет скидка? Не успела попасть на акцию((

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