RIWA RD-202 Professional Thinning Scissors Barber Tools Stainless

RIWA RD-202 Professional Thinning Scissors Barber Tools Stainless

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High quality stainless steel
End-rounded teeth
Smooth Scissor
Ergonomically-Designed Handle
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  • Shipping Weight : 0.08 kg
  • Net Weight : 0.08kg
  • Package Size : 18.3cm x 6.0cm x 1.9cm
  • What's in the box : Scissor x 1
  • Version : Chinese Version
  • Features : Other
  • Blade Material : StainlessSteel



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константин подлесный

Thank you sellers and jd, good quality and fast delivery


It's all right, little very good.


It's a good quality. They don't get a haircut, they run away because they're crooked, or they're not.


I mean, scissors are good. It's a little less than I expected. I haven't used it yet. Delivered in a month. There's a box in delivery, but it's nothing.

It's a good company Riewa finer scissors, enough sharp enough for home-based haircuts to be 100%.


Quick delivery. We've got to go home. It's a nice present.


Buyer sold in telegrams of the @ chinagoodbuy channel (https:// chinagb. ru) Nice scissors, not bad quality! For the price they bought, it's not bad! -En-I bought on sale the @chinagoodbuy channel published in telegrams ( Great scissors, not bad quality! For the price at which they were bought, not bad!


Покупал по распродаже опубликованной в телеграмм канале @chinagoodbuy ( Качество не очень, не советую брать! Хорошо что покупал за копейки по скидке. I bought on sale published in a telegram channel @chinagoodbuy ( The quality is not very, I do not advise taking it! Good thing I bought for a penny at a discount.

Распаковка тут- Unboxing-


Scissors for 100 roubles, what else can I say? Cash for their price (offshore are more expensive). It's recommended to buy it.

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