Are you a shopaholic?

Would you like to earn money by just referring your purchase to friends or followers?


Now, take advantage of JOYBUY Share Earn Programs. It's super simple! Just share products and exclusive discounts to your friends/members using social media and online interactions. Save them money while you earn commissions for everything they buy!


Share Earn is a simple money making program. There is NO-threshold, NO-cost, and NO-difficult for all user to earn real cash every day with just one share click. The commissions calculate basis on the price of the sharing merchandise, up to 80% commission is possible.


The more you share, the higher you earn!

Refer friends to earn money in 3 simple steps:    



      Login your JOYBUY APP(Android/iOS) or Mobile site account, and go to “My Account – Easy  Commission”


Pick the product & discount you like and click the “Share” button to share with your mates through any social media way you like.



They get advice on what to buy from you and save on the purchase. You earn cash for what they buy at the same time.

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Notice: Please update the APP before use, only available on 4.4.5 or newer.